The cure denotes a pint of beer/Guinness to cure the hangover. Its gas! The phrase the craic was 90 is used to indicate a situation in which serious amusement was had. Im going to call in sick, for instance. Bang on is a way to describe a person or a circumstance. Stall the ball chief, Ill be there in 20, or Stall the ball a minute what did he say? are two examples. Combine this piece of Irish slang with 'pound' (before 2002, the Irish currency used to be pounds) and . Example: You were flutered last night, werent ya? Meaning: (Adjective) Unreal is yet another word for good. It is used when you experienced something unbelievably or unexpectedly good. Subscribe for exclusive city guides, travel videos, trip giveaways and more! For instance, Shes a terrible gobshite., This is yet another mild term for someone who is dense. Here are a few slang terms that are employed to describe girls and women. Meaning: This is not a threat, but a person offering a lift to another person. I might come here more. Its pissing down today. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Meaning: (Noun) Yoke is Irish slang that is used to call something with a name you cant remember, even when you think hard enough. Depending on the county, greetings tend to differ quite a bit. It was in this paper bag, but its not inside anymore. Sure look, what can ye do? is one example. To be sound is a state of existence. For instance, John spills his pint of Guinness and shouts Bollix in annoyance. Youll hear stall it when someone wants to pause at a shop and pop inside and they need their friends to stop and wait. Glad you enjoyed the post . Youll hear Dubliners saying town was jammers in the run up to Christmas when the streets are full of shoppers. Meaning: (Adjective) The word gobdaw is Irish slang thats used to describe a stupid person. This is hilarious! Meaning: (Noun) Latchio is a form of derogatory word used for a male person with a low social status. Shes cutting how? Example: You were with him all night and all you did was lob the gob? For instance, Dont worry about it; its great., Up to 90 means completely occupied with something. I heard from Noley that you were attending to your hemorrhoids. Meaning: (Expression) One of the funny Irish phrases today is suckin diesel because who would want to do that, right? Keep doing that and youll be a pro in no time. Jammers when someone says it was jammers this means the bus/pub/train was packed with people. , It is referred to as a yoke to describe the object. Dose Means a case of illness. Use with caution as these Irish slang phrases can range from mild to offensive. Example: Dont be skeptical. Example: What were you thinking when you joined them? Im going on the lash at the weekend means I am going out drinking this weekend. This is a phrase that means "a long time" or a "number of years". Shes a terrible wagon. After that, we all returned to Sharons. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Wicklow, Most Beautiful Irish Names and What They Mean, What To Eat in Hawaii? Buncrana: A popular holiday destination. Sarahs new fella was out last night, for example. Can you use your jumper cables to give it a lash? Here are some Irish slang terms for both favorable and unfavorable weather. Hes a cute hoor that fella, for instance, and he always manages to score a free ticket to the concerts in Phoenix Park. Up to 90 If you hear someone say she was up to 90 it usually means the person was busy or run ragged doing things. Meaning: What culchies call people from Dublin. For example, that yoke over there means that thing over there but can also mean that person over there. Meaning: (Verb) The term dander is used in everyday conversation and means to walk.. Meaning: (Phrase) One of the Irish phrases that are popular anywhere in Ireland is Up to 90, which means a person is extremely busy and cannot be bothered. . Like, "I'll see you in 20." Leave a door open unnecessarily in an Irish house and youll hear this expression coming your way. Example: Should we bring a sanger to avoid getting hungry while on the trip? Will I, yea? I got tickets to the Aslan concert, for instance. Its a grand day for drying This term is used to describe a day in which you can hang your clothes out on the washing line and get them dry. Youre a savage! He put the heart across me Means that person gave me a real scare/frightened me. Example: I heard he turned in to a skanger. Pronounced as ki-togue, it is an Irish slang that usually refers to a left-handed person. He still has his communion money Another expression used to describe a person who is tight with their money. So, to have a bad dose means to have a bad case of the flu or a cold. He made a right bags of that. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I will, yeah This has the opposite meaning to what is implied. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Wee - our favourite word This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Example: I cant stay here a second longer. Donkey's Years. Example: Hurry, theres a peeler heading our way. The hostel were staying in is a kip and a half, for instance! It can also mean they are taking advantage of you. It can mean youre joking me or really or for my Welsh readers, go away outta that = never. Meaning: (Noun) Even though Ireland seems to only have vast fields and beautiful views, they also have cities. Example: You gowl! This one, which is pronounced Ban-jacks-d, is also for someone who has overindulged significantly. Meaning: (Noun) Baked is another name for the mouth or face. This guide to Irish slang words and phrases, insults, and expressions will assist you in deciphering some of what the locals are saying while in Ireland. You will often hear Irish expats say I havent heard that in donkeys years meaning whatever it is being said to them, they havent heard that in years and years. Meaning: (Adjective) Class is another term for good in Ireland. How ya getting on? Example: Thats so funny. But in the Irish slang dictionary, deadly means outstanding or cool. To be sound: Irish slang. Meaning: (Noun) The term glunterpeck is another word for a stupid person. Many of us in Ireland use slang terms so frequently that we forget they are slang. If youre unfamiliar with the terms, Bollox or Bollocks refer to a mans testicles in slang. I dont know, but it sounds like some Irish slang Ive heard my entire life. The TV is banjaxed simply means its not working. He already tried to trick me. Both deadly and class are not always used to describe a lesson. It has the same meaning in the English language. I cant stand you!. Meaning: (Phrase) The phrase one can short of six means that a person is not thinking straight or is not fully present in a certain situation. Meaning: (Noun) Fella is Irish slang for a boy or a man at any age. How are things going? The most useless scut Ive ever seen. Although I personally dont use the word feck, it is one of my favorites because it is associated with the wonderful Father Ted series. Note: A lie. Email: Word: Define: I still cant believe we won that game, for instance. It is often used to refer to rougher parts of Dublin in particular. Shes up there giving out to Tony about something, for instance. Meaning: Little brats /little shitsExplanation: shitehawk can be used affectionately. When someone is Acting the maggot, they are dossing or messing around, which means they are not carrying out their intended task. Irish slang words and phrases and how to use them The state of you! Shes always giving out means shes always complaining or moaning. We like her! Not to be confused with the following. By half past ten, I had locked myself in bed. She regularly returns to Ireland to explore more of the wonderful island with her family. Meaning: (Verb) Just like everybody, Irish people love to party and sometimes get drunk. Shes a tool. Scarlet for ya 11. Meaning: (Greeting) The greeting How ya getting on? is used when two people have not seen or talked to each other in a while. For instance, He had three bottles of Coke and a bag of Skittles an hour ago; hes been on high doh ever since.. Rainey weather type. Only friends from Drogheda that I am aware of use these words to describe intoxication. Ireland is the second largest island in the world, just next to Great Britain. If you love the series Father Ted, then youll hear this expression often used throughout the series. Dont get confused with it being a person, for locals are always using this term. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite Irish proverbs. Gaff The Irish slang word for house. Boking/boke/boked - not the most pleasant thing 15. 125 Irish Slang Words and Phrases to Sound Like a True Local Ireland is the second largest island in the world, just next to Great Britain. However, a quick Google search for 18th-century Irish speech suggested this: Ah, fatal. Dryshite A term used to describe someone who is boring, really boring. Translation: Im ecstatic. You could say some of these Irish funny phrases are gas. Example: Feck, I forgot to charge my phone! Can you recommend any books about 18th century Irish speech? Acting the maggot - messing around Someone acting the maggot is messing around, playing around, or being silly. Example: Shut your bake! Example: Youre a beamer, arent ya? . Meaning: (Adjective) The term shitehawk is used to describe the poorest of the poor. For example: 'Will you put the bins out later?' 'Yeah, grand.' It is also the. She only needed four years. Irish people will say, Fair play, when they want to congratulate someone. Youll often hear Irish mammies say ah feck instead of the f-word around kids. I was raging I missed it means Im so disappointed I missed it. Give it a lash! . My friend Mayo Declan is an expert in this field. Required fields are marked *. Locked. How useful! So, if you are excited to learn about Irish slang words, lets start now! Note: This could mean anything. Youre a clown, they say. Courtin = Dating (term commonly used in Northern Ireland). But dont think for a second that, because the people of this lovely island speak English, it will be easy for you to befriend the locals. Fooling and messing around. Ah no. Meaning: (Phrase) When you hear someone say sure look, it means it is what it is or a person is bored but does not want to talk more. Meaning: Hes really going for itExample of usage and translation: Yer man was giving it socks on the dance floor last night = That guy was dancing non-stop last night, Meaning: Bad or terribleExample of usage and translation: Youre a poxy bleedin liar = Youre a terrible F****** liar, Meaning: How embarrassing for you.Note: The complete version of this slang phrase is scarlet for your ma for having ya which translates as You did something extremely embarrassing and should be disowned.. It is mostly heard in Northern Ireland. So, whats the craic? Youll have a good idea of the kinds of slags that Irish people hurl at each other if youve read our comprehensive guide to Irish insults. Example: have you seen a wean with bright red hair? For a personge to be alright, good, and fair dinkim. That must be why you have good penmanship. On me tod People use this Irish slang phrase to let others know they were alone when doing something or going somewhere. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Irish Slang Words, Irish proverbs for describing the weather, pp. Lazy person is the correct translation. Your Michael is a little hallion, for instance. I have visited more than 50 countries, as well as lots of towns and villages all around the world. The weather is wet. And that while for the most part, people are speaking English, there are certain Irish slang words and phrases that may leave you baffled and confused. Meaning: (Noun) Bollox is Irish slang for testicles. The Irish term is another word for a stupid person. . Acting the maggot Bad dose Bags (to make a bags of something) Bang on Banjaxed Black stuff Boyo Brutal Bucketing down Bunk off Chancer Chiseler Ciotg Cod/codding ya Craic Crack on Culchie Cute hoor Delira and excira Deadly Donkey's years Dosser Eat the head off Eejit Earwigging Effin' and blindin' Oh, I do. It is often used sarcastically. WHY did I have the second bottle of wine, for instance. Brit: A member of the British armed forces. Severe illness. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Irish In origin. You are such a clown! Meaning: (Noun) In Irish words, The jacks means toilet. Can also mean someone is a fool. Example: What a grand aul day it is. Fair play This Irish phrase is used a lot to tell someone well done for something they have done, completed or achieved. Example: Gosh, she was stumbling out of the pub last night. Meaning: (Adjective) The Irish slang all lured denotes a feeling of delight towards someone or something. 125 Irish Slang Words and Phrases to Sound Like a True Local Ireland is the second largest island in the world, just next to Great Britain. . Ah, man, the heads are bouncing off of me, as an example. Faffing is the act of doing something but not actually doing it. It's worth noting that when someone says that they're 'grand', they may not necessarily be so. I had a rotten drunken night. She's only an aul wagon 8. Sure look People might say sure look, itll be grand to respond to a question. You can also use it to respond to a greeting without giving too much away about how you are doing. She has fluted. That lad keeps texting me, for instance. Most frequently, it is used in response to the questions Hows it going and How are you feeling? How are you doing today? Example: We were hammered last night, but I loved every minute of it! For instance, Thanks a million makes no sense to non-Irish people (at least, thats what my non-Irish friends tell me!). Ive never heard some of these terms before! Example: Stall the ball! Come here to me Youll hear this, usually, at the start of a conversation or sentence when someone wants to get your attention or has something important to me. If she thinks five is not enough, shell repeat it. Its important to remember that not everyone who describes themselves as grand actually is. parking wars ponytail,
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