Our Approach

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At Orthwein Energy we don’t buy and resell assets. We take the time to carefully choose strong performing assets to hold long-term. Building a diversified portfolio focused on long term performance has been our practice since our doors first opened and we believe this provides stability in the volatile energy industry.

Orthwein Energy is actively acquiring Producing and Non-Producing Minerals, Overriding Royalty Interests, and Non-Operated Working Interests of all sizes across the United States. We are committed to evaluate each prospect in a timely and diligent manner in order to offer the seller the fairest price possible.

Why Sell?

Every royalty owner has their different reasons to sell off all or a portion of their royalties, and more often than not, landowners have found selling off a portion of their royalties is a great way to avoid going to the bank for capital needs. However, there are other reasons, some of which are listed below.


Oil and gas wells are a depleting asset. Over time, the production from a well will decrease resulting in depreciation in value. For this reason, many people choose to sell their interest and take advantages of current prices while also avoiding market volatility. This money could then be used to cover a wide range of expenses each and every one of us has to deal with on a day to day basis.


Many interests, after being divided several ways, have relatively little financial value to the heirs. Taking a lump sum for your assets would allow for an estate to be divided up more easily, while providing the benefactors with liquid cash.


As minerals and royalties are handed down through various generations, they tend to get more and more cut up. Because of this, their economic benefit declines exponentially from generation to generation and they also become more expensive and complicated to manage.