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As an oil and gas mineral company, Orthwein Energy focuses on cultivating a diversified and balanced portfolio of mineral, royalty and non-operated working interests across many different oil and gas basins.

Though our roots stretch back to W.C. McBride, Inc. and their operations over a century ago, today Orthwein Energy is strictly a non-operating company. Our focus remains on acquiring royalties, but we do participate with our minerals when the circumstances are favorable.

Partnership Over Ownership

At Orthwein, we’re much more than a land company.

Our history is proof that we’re in this for the long haul – and that we do business with integrity and honesty. To that end, we focus on partnership rather than ownership.

Orthwein Energy is A Family Owned Oil and Gas Mineral Rights Company

Family Owned

Orthwein Energy Has a 150 Year Old History

150-Year History

Orthwein Energy Buys and Holds Mineral Rights Sell Yours Today

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Orthwein Energy Does Not Flip Mineral Rights

No Flips

Orthwein Energy Does Not Use a Middle Man to Purchase Mineral Rights

No Middlemen

Orthwein Energy is a Self Funded Mineral Rights Company in OKC


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Turn Mineral Rights into Income | Orthwein Energy

If you have mineral rights you are interested in selling, we would love to hear from you.

Orthwein Energy has worked with many entities to help turn their mineral rights into valuable income. We are interested in opportunities across the United States and in all major oil and gas basins.

We buy from individuals, families, brokers and companies.

Self Funded Mineral Rights Company | Orthwein Energy
Family Operated Land Company | Orthwein Energy
Ortthwein Energy Oil and Gas Mineral Royalty and Working Interests Nationwide

Lease Nationwide Interests From Orthwein Energy. We hold mineral and royalty interests in eleven states across the country. Lets talk.

150+ Years

of Oil and Gas Performance Since 1874

Orthwein Energy Traces Its Roots Back to WC McBride Inc

Orthwein Energy traces its roots back to W.C. McBride, Inc. Today, Orthwein Energy is still 100% family owned and operated.

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Contact Orthwein Energy’s land department, accounting department or leadership directly. We’re happy to hear from you.